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Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH was founded to continue and expand the SOLARKIOSK legacy. SOLARKIOSK was one of the pioneers in solar powered frontier market infrastructure development, reaching approx. 5m people in rural off-grid areas in 15 countries worldwide.

After the unexpected insolvency of SOLARKIOSK AG in March 2019 some core team members and shareholders of the company decided that the idea behind SOLARKIOSK is too good to die. Hence, Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH was registered in June 2019 and acquired all essential intellectual property and intangible assets of SOLARKIOSK AG from the insolvency regulator, Dr. Rainer Eckert. Building on these assets will allow Solarkiosk Solutions to continue and grow the SOLARKIOSK legacy: connecting frontier markets to energy-connectivity, sustainable products, services and solutions.

Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH is based in Berlin and resides in the former headquarters of SOLARKIOSK AG. All assets, know-how, experience, hardware, IT developments, proprietary IP, vast pool of data and market insights into frontier markets arising out of SOLARKIOSK, which in its heyday sold 40,000 products per day, mainly in its core countries Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania and in 11 further countries worldwide, are with Solarkiosk Solutions now.

Solarkiosk Solutions’ core activities are based on the B2B exploration of SOLARKIOSK´s proprietary invention, the “E-HUBB”, a solar power integrated infrastructure solution that has been designed for operations in frontier markets as a “business-in-a-box” solution, a mini-clinic, a school, a bank, a retail shop, a water-purification and a solar powered productive use village market center for local entrepreneurs.

Based on its knowhow regarding complex solar powered infrastructure solutions, Solarkiosk Solutions will expand further as a Solar System Integrator and offer a broad range of selected components – for example thermic solar products, PV modules, solar inverters – as well as integrated solutions: low, medium and high voltage off-grid energy power systems, storage solutions, heating & cooling systems, pumping and irrigation systems for private, industrial and commercial use.

Solarkiosk Solutions further aims to incubate and spin-off new technology-designs, IT-solutions and business models for the purpose of energy-connectivity access in frontier markets. One example is the “Connected Solar Market Center”, a B2B microgrid for productive use in off-grid villages, which was successfully tested with 25 pilot sites in 4 countries between 2016 and 2019.

Thomas Rieger, CEO Solarkiosk Solutions, says:

“I am so grateful and proud to continue and grow the SOLARKIOSK legacy and through this making sure that its aspiring mission and vision lives on with our new company. I have been with SOLARKIOSK since 2014 and was deeply involved into this great venture, that merged an amazing of talented people who all shared the same mission and vision. SOLARKIOSK became the largest solar powered retail company for rural areas in East Africa, and during this time we have successfully tested, integrated, operated and validated a vast range of solar products and technology solutions, which we intertwined with inclusive business models, always with the specific needs of frontier markets on our minds. We are now building on all these invaluable market insights and experience of over 7 years with hundreds of projects, thousands of jobs created and millions of customers served. I am equally thrilled that some of the original founders of SOLARKIOSK are part of this future journey, and I feel very humbled to have gained their trust and confidence as the CEO of Solarkiosk Solutions.”

Andreas Spieß, co-founder and former CEO of SOLARKIOSK AG, will serve as non-executive Chairman. “10 years ago, I had the idea for SOLARKIOSK to which my friends and partners from GRAFT architects developed the E-HUBB technology-design. SOLARKIOSK impacted millions of people in remote rural areas at the last mile. Thanks to our unique business model and technology, we became one of the first pioneers who established a formal business in remote off-grid areas. The journey will now go on and continue to grow with Solarkiosk Solutions. I am happy and excited that we have found a durable resilient basis for our new business, building on the experience and lessons learned from our previous venture. I am thankful for everyone who has been involved with SOLARKIOSK and contributed to its success: all our teams in many countries, our founders and shareholders, our many partners and friends, and – foremost – our clients and customers.”

Solarkiosk Solutions has already started its operations by taking over the B2B and business development activities of SOLARKIOSK AG, working with key clients and suppliers on ongoing and new projects. In the coming months, Solarkiosk Solutions will finetune its business and marketing activities, CI and public appearance further.

Watch out for further announcements and our new website coming online, soon!