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One of the most important factors in last mile distribution is enabling safe transport for your employees.

SOLARKIOSK’s Area Officers, who supervise the daily operations of SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBBs, use motorbikes to visit the 5-8 E-HUBBs they manage. The roads leading to the E-HUBBs are generally in quite a rough condition: very dusty when it’s dry and very muddy when it’s raining. A motorbike is the most efficient way to travel within the 25 km radius of the E-HUBB cluster.

On their way to visit the E-HUBBs, Area Officers frequently encounter various wild and domestic animals such as donkeys, antelopes, zebras, buffalos and even elephants. Most Area Officers have had to deal with rather challenging situations on rural roads during their daily commute.

Therefore, SOLARKIOSK Kenya has taken the step forward to ensure their safety on the road through a workshop dedicated to safe driving practices. The workshop was facilitated by Kibo, a mobility company based in Nairobi that originated from the acknowledgement of the importance of having access to safe and reliable mobility for everyone.

“The workshop was incredibly valuable for all of us,” said Mary Katana, Solar Kiosk Kenya Regional Manager. “We started by sharing some stories of the Area Officer’s biking experiences and ended realising how critical the training was to enabling our business to thrive in some of the hardest to reach places in rural Kenya.”

safety tips