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SOLARKIOSK’s team members all feel privileged to work for a company that enables and empowers the sustainable socio-economic development of Base-of-the-Pyramid communities. One of the biggest challenges in many African countries is the high number of orphans, due to war, famine and disease. As a part of our work we often experience first-hand the dire situation in which many orphans are brought up. Hence, the SOLARKIOSK team members decided to raise some money to help at least some children in need.

The donation was contributed to an orphanage in Rwanda Hope for Life. Since SOLARKIOSK operates in Rwanda, there is a very concrete connection to and care for the country.

Hope for Life’s mission statement is to serve impoverished youth through holistic care. They provide stability and empower them with resources and education needed to obtain a future for themselves and their community.

Hope for Life’s US Executive Director and Co-Founder Megan Chao suggested to use the donation for the education of 24 children in Hope for Life’s rehabilitative home. These kids came to us from situations of abuse, poverty, homelessness, and neglect, and stay at our home full time as they transition into better situations. They go to a private school during the day and then we have a teacher on staff who provides extra lessons during the evenings and weekends, as the children need that extra support.

Amanda Good, the representative for Hope for Life Ministry said I want to personally thank you, your co-workers, and company so much for this contribution. Our home of 30 boys will benefit greatly from your contribution! Your donation will go a long way for us in Rwanda, as she received the donation from SOLARKIOSK in July.

In the picture (Copyright Hope For Life) you can see a three-year-old boy called Berite, one of the children who enrolled in HFL’s rehabilitative program in the past few months, who is currently transitioning to his new home and making a remarkable progress in only a few months.