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SOLARKIOSK’s Connected Solar Market Center (CSMC) is one of the most powerful off-grid concepts currently being developed. Each CSMC hosts multiple independent businesses accessing energy from the central E-HUBB, while enjoying space, infrastructure and support ‚Äì all provided by SOLARKIOSK.

The first CSMCs were implemented in Rwanda in late 2016. The quick success of the model, exemplified by the increase in local economic activity, foot traffic to the E-HUBB and social benefits for the community, encouraged SOLARKIOSK to quickly scale this concept in a variety of designs. Today, the company runs 15 CSMC in its three core countries: Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.


The businesses currently powered by the CSMCs are: restaurant, viewing hall, barbershop and a billars table. All business further benefit from co-location and a safe, lighted area where business hours can be extended into the evening. SOLARKIOSK is currently evaluating adding other commercial and/or productive activities, from farming services such as food cooling or drying, to more complex integration with health, education and financial service providers.